CO2 utilization

Recently, due to increased energy demand accompanied by rapid economic growth, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has reached its critical level and the negative effects such as global warming have been caused.

Producing useful substances directly from CO2

Under such circumstances, CCUS(Carbon dioxide Capture, Utilization and Storage) is the technology attracting more attention currently which captures and stores CO2, converts it into useful substances in addition to reducing CO2 emissions.

CCS(Carbon dioxide Capture and Storage) is the technology which transports CO2 to a geological formation suitable for underground storage and stores it steadily for a long term. The feasibility studies are in progress in Japan including Europe.
Furthermore, technology which converts carbon dioxide into new products and energy has also been developed. The technology is called CCU(Carbon capture and utilization). It is suggested that the process which produces useful substances by making algae absorb CO2 is of practical use. However, there are many challenges such as complex processes, high cost in the current situation.

We are conducting basic research for producing useful substances(methanol, carbon powder) directly from CO2 in simple methods.