Basic policy/Behavior policy

| Basic policy

Effort for fraud prevention
AISIN COSMOS R&D CO.,LTD. (herein “we”), as a member of AISIN group, promote complete compliance regarding“AISIN Group Charter for Corporate Behavior” and give familiarization to all employees regularly in order to achieve this policy.
Corporations are required to observe the law and social etiquette, and it is necessary to acquire social trust and to maintain our sound development.
We as a whole we aim to achieve and maintain our policy by compliance to this regulation and fair behavior.

February 2015
Company President

| Behavior policy

AISIN Group Charter for Corporate Behavior
We work on world-wide business activities based on “High Quality” to contribute to a sustainable development of society and the earth.
In order to do this, we act with respect for human rights, observe the law and international rules including their spirit and social common sense on the domestic and foreign territory based on the following 7 principles.

1 Safety and Quality

We develop and provide socially beneficial goods and services that give satisfaction to customers, consumers, and other members in society.

2 Compliance

We engage in fair, transparent and free competition and ensure that transactions are appropriate. Also, we maintain a sound and proper relationship with political bodies and government agencies.
We resolutely confront antisocial forces and organizations that pose a threat to the order and security of civil society and sever all relations with such groups.

3 Information Disclosure

We interact with the public in addition to communicating with shareholders, and actively and fairly disclose corporate information. Also, we protect and properly manage personal and customer data and all other kinds of information.

4 Human Rights and Labor Conditions

We respect personality, individuality and diversity of employees, and ensure a safe and comfortable working environment.

5 Environmental Conservation

We proactively initiate measures in acknowledgment of environmental issues, the common challenges they pose to humanity and their importance to its existence and livelihood.

6 Social Contributions

We actively contribute to society and involve in community activities as a good corporate citizen.

7 Attitude of Top Management

The top management will recognize that it is their role to embody the spirit of this Code of conduct and that they must take the lead not only in enforcing it within the company but in conveying it to our group companies and business partners.
When a situation which is contrary the policy occurs, top management will handle the issue and take necessary measures to prevent them.

| Structure, Desk for Consultations and Complaints

Management and inspection system for public research expenses

We comply with applicable laws and initial terms relating to public research expenses. For this, we set up a structure of responsibility and inspection system and a desk for consultations and complaints to observe the policy. And we hold information campaigns to familiarize officers and employees with company policies and rules (rules for handling and preventing improper use of public research expenses, Whistleblower Protection Act) to prevent injustices.

<Responsibility system>

Responsibility System Role
Chief executive President Establish and familiarize employees with the rules to prevent impropriety and set necessary measures for them. Show leadership for Supervisor of General Management and Compliance Promotion Manager.
Supervisor of General
Manager of Planning and Administrative department The cross-departmental manager conducts the measures to prevent impropriety and set the concrete measures which are based on the basic policy, carry them out, check the progress and report to the Chief executive.
Compliance Promotion
Theme leader of technology Responsible for managing and operating his own department and carrying out and reporting of impropriety prevention measures to the Supervisor of General Management. Give employees training, carry out monitoring, manage public search expenses and improve quality.

<Audit system>

Audit system

<Desk for consultations and complaints>

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